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Men’s Sirrus EQ Black Top LTD



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If you’re going to get in shape you need to move and nothing wants to help you move faster than our Sirrus EQ ???Black Top Collection with powerful hydraulic disc brakes. It takes a no-nonsense approach to its design giving you everything that you need like superior braking and nothing that you don’t.

To complement the above features this Sirrus falls into our Black Top Collection. Designed to be discrete when viewed from afar our Black Top bikes attract less attention helping to ward off theft. They also have subtle hints of color on the underside of the fenders and saddle as well as a reflective ??Specialized?? wordmark on the down tube??making for the perfect blend of style and peace of mind.

It’s constructed from a durable reliable and lightweight A1 SL Premium Aluminum and it features a reliable set of components that are built to withstand years of daily abuse hydraulic disc brakes that provide reliable stopping power in any condition and comforting Body Geometry touch points that are sure to take the sting out of long rides. And not only that but this Sirrus comes fully equipped with fenders lights and a rear rack so lugging your stuff around no matter the time or weather just got a whole lot easier. Complacency just met its match.


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