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If you’re just finding your cycling legs this is the best place to start. The Allez E5’s premium alloy frame is built for versatility combining sturdy confident handling with the rocket-like feeling of a race bike. And for durability it includes a FACT carbon fork and reliable Claris shifting.It’s constructed from our lightweight and ultra-stiff E5 Premium Aluminum to ensure that you get those most out of every watt that your legs can produce. More so this construction makes for a bike that’s equally capable for the road ahead so you’ll find it performing exceptionally on climbs descents and all-out sprints. Even better these characteristics are all amplified by the Elite’s exquisite & confident geometry and FACT carbon fiber fork.For the build we went with a no-nonsense approach opting for reliable Shimano Claris shifting durable Axis sport alloy wheels and brilliant Espoir Sport tires.


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